Excel Tables: The Excel Feature Every Assistant (And Your Team) Should Master

Frustrated with the amount of time you spend fixing and formatting data in Excel? Ashamed of how your spreadsheet looks and behaves? Discover the true power of Excel to make your life incredibly easier when managing and tracking data. Whether you are working with event lists, expenses, sales transactions, or a list of employees and customers, you want to ensure that the information is accurate and easy to consume. Learn how to effectively manage information to get the best results in less time. You’ll work smarter and faster than ever before! In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use Excel tables to manage any list
  • Easily find and remove duplicates
  • Find the right information using sorting, filtering and slicers
  • And much more!

This applies to Microsoft Excel for PC and Mac!

Guest Speaker:
Vickie Sokol Evans
CEO and Founder
The Red Cape Company


Access the webinar recording here: