Customized Executive Assistant
and Executive Training

ELS Inside delivers custom in-house training solutions
for organizations of all sizes, across all industries.

The ELS Inside Experience

Fully Custom

We build it for you. Comprehensive, in-house training for both your assistants and your executives.

Needs~Based Training

Tailor your program based on your organization’s unique challenges, interests and goals.

Increase Performance

Transform your EAs into strategic business partners, saving your executives’ time—and your company money.

What’s in it for you?

If you want to create value in your organization, start with your executive assistants and their executives.
ELS Inside helps you deliver experiential, unique and innovative training that maximizes the potential of the relationship between your executives and their assistants.

By leveraging the exceptional assets of one of your most valuable employee groups—executive assistants—you streamline operations and create even more growth opportunity for your company.

Why ELS Inside?

  • We’re the experts. Utilize our years of experience training thousands of executive assistants across multiple industries, topics and regions.
  • We’ve heard it all. With our deep knowledge of the executive assistant and executive dynamic, we listen to your pain points and custom-build a training program that will deliver the results you need.
  • We have relationships with the top trainers in the industry. No need to waste your time scouting.
  • We build training programs with your ROI in mind. Your employees can apply their learnings immediately to start seeing results.
  • We understand why you’re investing in training and we’re there to support you in bringing your vision to life.