Ultimate EA & Executive Partnership

In continuation of this exciting ELSx series, guest speakers Bonnie Low-Kramen, Kim Boericke, President, ICON Commercialization and Outcomes at ICON plc and her brilliant Executive Assistant, Terri Toscani are pulling the curtain back on the Leader/Executive Assistant strategic business partnership. EAs are a leader’s most powerful secret weapon. Like all vital relationships, building a Dream Team of leader/EA requires the hard work of planning, training, and nurturing. The results? The sky is the limit when this powerful pair are working in harmonious concert. Proof is evident in productivity, retention, profits, and high quality of life. We will explore the nuts and bolts of exactly how you can have an ultimate business partnership.


– Case Study: What does a strategic business partnership look like?

– Fully utilizing an Executive Assistant

– How to manage miscommunications, mistakes, and life

– Importance of one-on-ones

– What is your preferred communication style?

– Walk the Talk: Setting clear expectations

– 2-Way Feedback

– How to sustain the relationship for the long-term

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