By: Eliz White-Peters, 4aVP Chief of Staff & Administrative SME Solopreneur

With many questioning the #FutureOffice as companies see their financial reports filled with empty real estate and the associated costs while employees discuss the need for remote or hybrid working, what ever happened to #WorkFromAnywhere?

Yes. Work from Anywhere.


Social media has numerous sites with exotic and not so glamorous photos from near and far in the life of a “nomad worker”.  Now, nomads have been around since Neanderthals hunted. But, today, as long as there is connectivity an employee CAN get the job done with much less dangerous tools.


Digital Nomads are today’s proof that many roles can be accomplished away from a desk in a building requiring a daily commute. Diana Brandl is sharing her experiences, both pleasant and slightly disagreeable.  Ask any “road warrior” and memories are filled with bad food, lost luggage and rudeness.  However, the experience can also be one of amazing food, new found treasures and kindness.


I admit, I can be more creative while in a “quiet” beautiful natural setting. The time of day varies. For me, extending my week-end provided a trial basis for the concept of working remotely.  I was able to schedule for home office time (for some, that means their camper!), as I still like paper and printing on a sailboat is not highly recommended.


Eliz BoatIf you suggest that being an #AdministrativeProfessional isn’t a “creative” role, I would dispute that.  How many times do we create presentations? Policy handbooks? Social media content? We can do all of these off-line!  We can schedule our on-line time too. I draft off-line and then connect to upload.


How many of us during in-office days wish for a lack of distractions in order to be productive? To think creatively? To edit in a quiet, peaceful place?


So, yes, I am a fan of those that can be a successful employee while being a nomad.  It’s not for everyone.  But if working remotely can increase productivity by up to 77%, companies should embrace the NEW NOW of working – whether remote, hybrid, or being a nomad.


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