ELS Success Story

Christina Machado, Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO, Fattmerchant, Orlando

I attended the ELS Forum in Orlando and I wanted to tell you how much value it had. As a 30 year old female millennial and someone who is no longer afraid to take chances, I’d love to share what I have learned personally and professionally to help empower and inspire other EAs around the nation. I believe there is a lot that could be learned when it comes to understanding, serving, and working with the millennial demographic. Within a very short period of time of working with the company I do today, I quickly demonstrated value through my proactiveness toward advancement opportunities which have led to promotions, increased compensation and priceless perks! I am now a Sr. EA, advanced to be a part of the Human Resources team, and champion and guide our company culture initiatives. I have been able to create a unique role for myself.

Furthermore, I have personally experienced a paradigm shift that has empowered me within my role at work and life. I found that being authentic, true to myself, not being afraid to communicate, ask questions and not taking other’s behaviors or actions personally, has opened doors and led to my success within the organization I serve.

And…I recently returned from a 2-week trip to Europe (alone for the first time which was absolutely amazing and the old Christina would have never done). Last but not least, I took my first ever Acting Improv class to help me become more present, empowered, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now I want to do more speaking! Stay tuned for further transformations.

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