Stump the Presenter with Melissa Esquibel

Melissa Esquibel has been training and writing about office productivity automation for almost 15 years. As you can imagine, she’s been hit with some pretty challenging questions over the years. Sometimes the answer will just roll out of her head onto the screen. Other times, she’ll ruminate a few moments and hunt the answer down in a way that has you thinking, “Why didn’t I think to look there?” Of course, needing to stay pretty up to date on things to do her job is part of the equation, but a good deal of it is developing an intuition for where to look. In this session, Melissa will present information that has resulted from some pretty knotty questions she’s received. What makes this session especially fun, is you get to throw your tough questions in the mix too. Let us know what you’d like to know!

  • Is there a shortcut for…?
  • Is there a better way to…?
  • How can I…?
  • Where will I find…?

Guest Speaker:
Melissa Esquibel

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