Goal Frameworks & Best Practices For Executive Assistants

Executive assistants today are operating in a much faster pace of execution and taking on significantly expanded scopes. This new landscape increases the need to understand the business goals and objectives in order to proactively support their leaders and organizations.  In this ELSx session, we will cover Goal Frameworks and Best Practices. We will draw connections between Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Management by Objectives (MBOs), as well as Objectives and Key Results. Attendees will benefit from a deeper understanding of how KPIs, MBOs, and OKRs can work singularly or in concert to aid them in accelerating the output of the executive bench. Slides & templates will be shared so that leaving this session the ELS admin community will be prepared to apply goal best practices and better support their teams in executing business objectives.

Guest Speaker:
Jillian Hufnagel
Coach, Educator, & Admin Community Advocate
Former Chief of Staff, Duo Security
CEO Hufnagel Enterprises

Access the webinar recording here:

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