5 Tools All Top Executive Assistants Need

There’s certainly more to the executive assistant role than calendaring and expenses. From event planning to multi-exec multitasking to operations, the executive assistant job description spans an incredible and mind-blowing number of tasks, challenges and complicated calculations.
When it comes to expertly managing the chaos and doing it with aplomb, the difference between mastering your day and swimming in stress comes down to your tech and tools.
Your exec can’t live without you, and you can’t live without your tools. Sure, you’ve got your basics covered with your calendar, Microsoft Teams, Notes and email workflows.
But productivity has been getting a boost with new apps and technology that are making every day doings simpler. Here, we’re sharing five next-gen tools that will take your management to the next level.
If you want to increase productivity without tacking on more hours (as if you had more time to spare anyway!), you’ve got to automate, automate, automate. Zapier helps you automate tasks between different platforms by creating triggers and corresponding actions, or Zaps, as they call them. There are other automation apps out there, but we’ve found Zapier is the best for biz, allowing integrations between widely used apps. You can also add filters to further customize your Zaps to your organization. They also have pre-made Zaps to make it even easier for you to get started.
Get out of overwhelm with this beefed-up task list that keeps you organized. We love that Todoist allows you to seamlessly switch between devices and stay on top of it all no matter where you are. It also lets you integrate with hundreds of apps, set up recurring deadlines so you don’t have to keep manually inputting, delegate team tasks right from the platform and see your top priorities at a glance so you can handle what’s most pressing.
Stay up on industry news and trends effortlessly with Pocket, and make sure you’re always in the know. Pocket helps you save the content you don’t have time to read or watch for later. It also integrates with more than 1,500 apps so you can save from almost anywhere. It will also serve up recommendations based on your saves, which means you might even know what your exec needs to know before THEY do. Now THAT is the kind of leadership that gets you recognized.
Trello is a must for anyone with their hands in project management and coordination. For us, Trello trumps other project management tools because it’s intuitive, user-friendly and allows us to track multiple projects at once.
Free your own schedule from the time-suck of scheduling. Calendly helps you reclaim all that time spent calendering for your exec and everyone else by automatically sourcing availabilities and landing on a time that works for everyone without all the back and forth. You can also set up various types of meetings, automatically send updates and notifications, add buffers that help your exec manage their meetings exactly how they prefer and make even more customizations.
Now, tell us. What tools are at the top of YOUR list?