Progressing the Role of the Executive Assistant

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Executive Leadership Support is the leading provider of career development training and management consulting for administrative professionals.

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What is Executive Leadership Support?

We are a full-service administrative professionals consulting agency dedicated to progressing the role of the executive assistant.

We solve organizational and individual challenges by creating unique, exceptional experiences that include professional development events, custom in-house training,  and administrative management consulting. 

The Executive Assistant role is changing.

100% of executives say their assistant is important to their success*

3 out of 4 managers think administrative professionals have increased responsibilities in the past 5 years*

Over 60% of executives believe support staff have increased career growth opportunities than 5 years ago*

*Source: Retrieved on January 6, 2020 from

Are you keeping up?

Investing in your organization’s administrative professionals is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a need-to-have. The executive assistant role continues to change and expand drastically, and these individuals are frequently charged with managing your organization’s highest-level and most critical decisions and processes. Ensuring their success ensures the success of the company.

We can help.