Owning Your Annual Review: How to Articulate Accomplishments To Drive Career Development

Annual reviews can be sources of fear, frustration, and last minute scrambling for many Administrative professionals. In this ELSx webinar, we will help you plan and execute a highly impactful review cycle. We will discuss how our brains respond to the stress of reviews and learn new tactics for self regulation. In addition, we will share best practices for tracking accomplishments throughout the year to avoid that stressful last minute rush. Then we will share how to properly tell the story of your personal accomplishments and the value you bring to your organization. Leaving the session, you will be ready to better advocate for your future growth as an Administrative professional by owning your annual review!

Guest Speaker:
Jillian Hufnagel
Coach, Educator, & Admin Community Advocate
Former Chief of Staff, Duo Security
CEO Hufnagel Enterprises

Access the webinar recording here: