Make Your Meetings Matter: Lead Better Meetings!

Studies show that poorly run meetings are a multi-billion dollar problem in U.S. organizations. It’s time to stop wasting away our time and money and start making our meetings effective, impactful, and engaging. Meetings are meant to keep people in the loop, involved in the conversation, and overall be useful for people attending them…so let’s make them positive, engaging, and efficient. In this high energy, interactive session, participants learn:

-Tips for making a meeting more efficient as a meeting leader

-Real-time advice on how to improve your approach to meetings

-Techniques for managing meeting participants and keeping meetings on track

-How to boost energy and engagement for meeting attendees

-Meeting management strategies that can be employed by all attendees

-Strategies for virtual meeting management and participation

Guest Speaker:

Mary Abbajay
President & Co-Founder
Careerstone Group, LLC

Access the webinar recording here: