Report from the World: Global Trends For Executive Assistants

Thought leader Bonnie Low-Kramen says, “there has never been a better time to be an EA than right now. There has also never been a more complicated time to work as an EA than right now.” Since 2008 and the financial crisis, the world has changed and EAs have had to change with it. In our volatile and evolving environment, we will pull the curtain back on the important global trends that affect the 1 billion assistants in the world. These include, EAs being viewed as strategic business partners who now have a seat at the table and an important voice to add as a contributor. EAs have always been vital eyes and ears and now are actively exerting their leadership skills to the benefit of their executives and companies. Bonnie has been speaking and teaching in 14 countries and counting. She will share what she is hearing and seeing. Up to the minute global trends and universal truths.

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