ELSx Webinar: Performing a Calendar Audit for your Executives

September 15, 2022 | 1:00 PM CDT

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Join Julia Leibowitz and Tiffany Nguyen in the latest ELSx Sponsored Webinar: Performing a Calendar Audit for your Executives

Something we have been thinking a lot about these days is calendar audits.
People are busy. We forget sometimes that the most important part of life – work, family, or
otherwise – are the meaningful connections we form with one another. It’s literally how
businesses and families get made. Yet, we reschedule with someone six times, we don’t follow-through on a promise, and we let people that matter feel unimportant.
In this session, Julia Leibowitz and Tiffany Nugyen will share WHY calendar audits are part of
the job of a strategic partner, WHAT your Exec will get out of it, and HOW you can start one

Julia is a former Executive Assistant and now is the CEO of a technology company called Cabinet. Tiffany Nguyen is Manager of Administrative Operations & EA to CEO at Onit.

You can looking forward to learning the following:

  • Why calendar audits are a strategic exercise that will provide enormous value to your supported colleagues
  • How to do a calendar audit
  • Advice for reviewing these insights with your supported colleague
  • How to streamline this process even further with technology

Julia Leibowitz, CEO, CABINET
Tiffany Nguyen, Manager of Administrative Operations & EA to CEO, ONIT

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