Summer ELS+ Subscription Coming Soon!


What’s an ELS+ Subscription?

Glad you asked.

An ELS+ Subscription provides countless opportunities for professional development, networking, and collaboration with our EA community. Becoming an ELS+ Subscriber, you gain access to all events scheduled for the season. Never miss the ELS Forum or the new 3-day seasonal series. Spend quality time in discussions with EA peers and ELS instructors to get the solutions, strategies, and advice you seek. And because we like to have fun here, we've got a few surprise events to keep us all connected! For more details on each individual event that is included in the subscription, click on the Download ELS+ Benefits box and the Investment box.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?
Coming Soon

Rate: $1500 USD

Become an ELS+ Subscriber to have access to:

  • Virtual ELS Forum, taking place May 19-20 or June 16-17
  • ELS Summer Series, taking place July 20-22
  • 4 Minds in Motion discussions led by EAs, taking place June 7-10
  • Bonus networking events for ELS+ Subscribers only

ELS Events App

Here’s what you need to know:

ELS is taking the 2021 events online. Can you feel the community and energy from the in-person events through a virtual platform? Absolutely! We have re-envisioned creative ways to ensure you still feel connected and empowered. Download the app to get the most out of your virtual event experience!

We’ll use the app for the Virtual ELS Forum and Seasonal Series.

Step 1
To download the app, use the handy buttons provided. If you’d prefer not to use the buttons, search for “Executive Leadership Support” in the app store.

Step 2
Once downloaded, open the app, enter the email address you used to register for the event, and create a password. Your access to the event in the app is linked to your email address so you don't need an event code.

Step 3
Complete your profile.

Step 4
Stay tuned!

The forum and Seasonal Series will be added to the app a week prior to the event dates. In the meantime, you can check out the Demo Event. Don't worry if you're not tech savvy, we're going to host a happy hour to go over how to use the app and all the great features!



ELS is for you if you want to:

Explore your role as a leader at your company

Increase productivity and efficiency with less stress and zero burnout

Achieve your career goals and create positive change

Find a renewed sense of passion for what you do

Make meaningful, helpful connections and find your EA tribe

Get clear direction on how your EA career will evolve next

Where will you take your career next?