Assistants in the Digital Age: Are Alexa, Siri & Co. Colleagues or Competitors?

Modern management assistants need to position themselves for the future, increase their visibility, act more strategically, network and also have their own career development in mind. Now is the time to proactively advocate for change as digital transformation brings incredible potential for executive assistants. It is more important than ever to sharpen a profile and define a new portfolio. However, this requires innovative and agile assistants who not only have the courage but also the openness for the trends of the future. In this webinar, Diana will discuss:

• Artificial intelligence vs. Human intelligence: Are Alexa, Siri & Co. colleagues or competitors?
• Millennials: Meet the new manager generation and their leadership style
• Self-Marketing & Personal Branding: How to become visible & build your brand in digitization

Access the webinar recording here: