Go Beyond Checking the Box. Become An Indispensable Business Partner

Have you ever been stuck in the “performance loop?” You are given a task, you perform the task, you communicate this completion of said task with your executive, briefly pausing for some recognition, then move on to the next task, and the next, and the next. You are churning out tasks and checking off the boxes, but all the while, you are not feeling fulfilled, not feeling like you’re actually contributing to the bigger picture, and certainly not feeling valued or valuable. The quick shot of dopamine from completing a task just isn’t enough anymore. In this webinar, hear Monique Helstrom, former Chief of Simon Sinek, will offer her perspective on how recognizing the human behind the task can help you become an indispensable business partner and offer fulfillment that goes deeper than just checking a box.

Monique Helstrom
Former Chief of Simon, Simon Sinek Inc.

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